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from The Dango Group

DangoAPI connects your Dango Web Solutions products to powerful and fast text, random, image, Discord, tracking and more APIs.
With SoarCDN, DangoAPI loads 2x faster then other APIs, and may even load before the main content.
Easy to Integrate
Using DangoAPI is easy, just a couple lines of code and you'll be on your way to creating your amazing product.
DangoAPI isn't limited to one platform, you can integrate with lots, including your Discord server.


Thinking of using DangoAPI in your product? We integrate with the platforms and languages below.


Check the current status of DangoAPI and The Dango Group's products below. See full Status Page.
super speed
Faisal, The Dango Group


DangoAPI v7 @ 7/27/2022

  • Added Soar CDN x DangoAPI